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If you are purchasing monthly, your plan will be billed and shipped every month. You’ll receive 1 box of your monthly supply of single-use insulin syringes for subcutaneous injection. Modify or cancel your plan at any time.

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Mounjaro® (Tirzepatide) is a prescribed injectable treatment intended to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, aiming to regulate blood sugar (glucose) levels in adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The applicability of Tirzepatide in individuals who have previously experienced pancreatitis remains undetermined. It’s important to note that Mounjaro is not intended for those diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The safety and efficacy of Tirzepatide for those below the age of 18 are still subjects of ongoing investigation.

This medication requires a telemedicine visit every 6 months from our provider. You will be redirected to schedule your telemedicine visit via zoom upon purchasing the plan.


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